Enhance Your Beauty, Find the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape


Earrings are a perfect accessory to wear every day, bringing any look from blah to beautiful. That is why you want to make sure you are wearing the most flattering pair. 

The size of your ears is also important to consider when choosing earrings. If you have small ears, choose small earrings. If you have large ears, you can wear larger earrings, but be careful not to choose earrings that are too big or they will look out of proportion.

It goes without saying that all face shapes are beautiful!  YOU are uniquely beautiful: your taste, your style, your face. This is why it is important to choose earrings that flatter and highlight your unique beauty. So it's important to be in the know on how to choose the best earrings for your face shape.

While we are all different, there are six main face shapes: round, heart, square, diamond, oblong and oval. Determining your face shape will allow you the freedom to play and choose the most flattering earrings that also match your personality, lifestyle, and taste in fashion.


Unsure what your face shape is?  You are not alone!  But never fear because we are here to help you figure out your face shape and find the most perfect earrings with our guide below.


Oblong Face

Long face types have a narrow width but longer length.

With an oblong face (sometimes referred to as rectangle), you will need to emphasize the width of your face. Earrings with round features will soften your cheekbones and jawline.  The featured earring is an example to add more roundness to your face.  Avoid slim or narrow earrings, which can make a long face look even longer.


Heart Face

You have a pointed chin and your forehead is broader than the width of your jawline.

Your face’s shape screams love, grab earrings that do the same by choosing earrings that start slim at the top and get wide at the bottom.  This will balance out the jawline and create a super flattering look. Wide-based styles such as teardrops flatter the face and balance proportions perfectly.

Square Face

Your face is square-shaped if the width of your forehead and jawline are similar. The forehead is also straight along the hairline and the chin is flat.

Square-shaped faces mean beautifully strong jawlines. Jewelry can help to flatter and soften your facial structure, with rounded, curved styles and flowing shapes - nothing too angular - proving the most impactful.

Diamond Face

Your cheekbone is broader than your forehead and chin.

For those with a diamond-shaped face - where the eyes are the widest part of the face and the forehead shape mirrors the chin - balancing out the angles can seem tricky. Wearing studs that are close to the ear works really well, while chandelier earrings that are wider at the bottom also flatter the face nicely. 

Round Face

Your face is round in shape if it is close to the same length from the tip of your nose to all sides. It is also widest at your cheekbones and the chin is round.

Round-shaped face are greatly flattered by long, dangly or drop earring which have a lengthening effect and elongate your face to to make it look slimmer - as opposed to widening it - tends to be the main objective. To achieve this it's wise to avoid round, chunky and wide earrings as these shapes can enhance the roundness of your face.  Focus more on long, chandelier styles to create that illusion of extra length and help in bringing balance.

Oval Face

Oval face types have a slightly wider forehead than the chin. Also they have a well-rounded jawline to chin.

People with an oval shaped face are considered to be the luckiest, as their faces are adaptable to almost every style of earring suiting and flattering the proportional silhouette.  Avoid anything with too much of a drop in order to avoid over-elongation.  Otherwise you can fill up your jewelry box with as many earrings you want. However, you can turn the heads by simply flaunting oval-shaped earrings or teardrop earrings.

When it comes to fashion, the rule is there are no rules. As we have seen, different shapes flatter the uniqueness of different facial shapes.

The thing to keep in mind while shopping is to look at earrings whose features are the opposite of your face. This way, no matter what your face shape, the earrings will balance out proportions and highlight your best facial features.

But no matter what your face shape is, the most flattering earrings are the ones you love!  Whether long and dangly, spectacular studs, classic hoops, dazzling diamonds, precious pearls, or gorgeous rhinestones. 

We hope that you are excited to shop for the perfect pair that will bring balance and highlight your proportions.  A Body Bling collection that you will never get bored of!