Game-Day Essentials

Competition Day Must Haves....

We understands all the stress leading up to competition day…. Having a smooth show hinges on essential preparation. That's why we have curated a list of show day/backstage essentials to make your experience smooth and enjoyable.  Also to ensure you're always stage-ready and goes off without a hitch!

Begin by double-checking your schedule and required essentials.  Get a good night's sleep to stay focused and alert. On the day, arrive early to acclimate to the venue and settle any nerves. Familiarize yourself with the event's layout rules and division schedules. Stay organized and maintain a positive mindset, ready to adapt to unexpected situations.

With Body Bling's thoughtfully selected must-haves, you can confidently step onto the stage shining, looking flawless and having a fantastic competition day!

Lastly, let’s show case all your hard work, celebrate and enjoy the experience!

Psssssst!  Don't forget .......


NPC Card and Competition Number/Badge.
You cannot register to compete without it!  So make sure your card is current for the competition season. Your number badge is used to identify you on stage.


Competition Suit. 
There is no way to predict if or when a wardrobe malfunctin may occur.  It's a good idea to bring a back up suit, just in case your main one gets damaged or cannot be fixed!  
Featured Suit: Radiant Physique Wear

Body Bling Jewelry! 
We always recommend bringing a second set, in the event something breaks or gets lost.  After all, this is costume jewelry and should be gently handled.

Comfortable footwear to wear offstage. Slip-on sandals are a must-have backstage, and if your division requires heels, bring an extra pair just in case. Although sparkly suits catch the eye, don't be too flashy with your heels. You want the judges to look at your body and say "Wow!"—not your heels.

Robe, Light and Loose Clothing.
Competition tan can easily rub off, so you want to pack clothing that is light and loose-fitting. Silky robes and loose button up pajamas or sweats all work well. Avoid anything tight or heavy that can smudge or muddle your tan.  We don’t recommend hoodies or anything that is a pullover, as it could ruin your hair and/or makeup.

MakeUp and Curling Iron
Pack extra product, plus a brush, comb, hair spray, curling iron, hair dryer, Bobby pins and other items for backstage primp and prep. Use a leak-proof bag to avoid getting tanning products all over your makeup and vice versa.  

Towels, Flat Bed Sheet or Sleeping Bag Liner

You may be back stage for a long time at a lot of shows so taking a dark towel/mat to chill out on and have your own space, will make your experience much more comfortable. 
Your hotel will charge you for stained towels, toilet seats, showers, sheets, etc. Wear long sleeves and pants to sleep or bring your own sheets. You should also bring your own towels. Protect the toilet seat in your room.


Body Bling Tape or Glue and Sewing Kit
By far the most common wardrobe malfunction in physique competitions is a slip of the suit. Even the best fitting suit can and will ride up when you're walking, posing, or performing. To avoid an embarrassing exposure onstage, bring some Body Bling Tape or spray glue to fasten your suit down and avoid any mishaps. A sewing kit is a handy thing to have as well, incase of any bikini emergencies.

What you eat the day of the competition is critical to how you'll look stepping onstage. Make sure you have plenty of good carbohydrates to keep you going through the morning pre-judging and evening rounds of competition, and avoid any foods that will make you bloated, sluggish, or tired.  Always best to follow your coach’s protocol.

Portable Battery Pack/Phone Charger.
We all know how important selfies are!  LOL! Take as many photos and videos as possible! You want to document those memories and don’t want your phone to die in the middle of a long day!

It is crucial that you pump up before stepping onstage. Most shows will provide weights and equipment backstage, but everyone is trying to use it at the same time you are. Pack a set of resistance bands so you can warm up anytime, anywhere.

Post Show Treats